Build Big Data apps quickly and easily.
Deploy instantly on-premise or to the cloud.

Application Building Blocks

The Continuuity Reactor Development Kit provides simple, powerful Java APIs and includes pre-packaged building blocks for rapid Big Data application development.

Full Development Lifecycle

Continuuity is the only platform that supports developers through the entire Big Data application development lifecycle: development, testing, staging, and production.

Private or Public Cloud

Continuuity is the industry’s first Big Data application platform designed specifically to run on and scale out with Apache Hadoop™: on-premise or as a hosted, self-service PaaS.

4 Steps To Production


Continuuity Reactor SDK for free.


your application right on your laptop.


your own cluster. Use Loom if required.


your app to the provisioned cluster.

Continuuity Reactor

The industry’s first Big Data Application Server for Hadoop. It abstracts all the complexities of Hadoop and enables any developer to build Big Data applications.
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Continuuity Loom

Modern cluster management. Provisions, manages, and scales clusters on public clouds, private clouds, or bare metal. Use it to deploy any application in minutes.
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Open Source: Tephra, jetStream, & Apache Twill

Globally consistent, distributed transactions on Apache HBaseTM - across regions and tables, allowing focus on use cases rather than on complex data access patterns.

A distributed framework built on Apache HadoopTM and Apache HBaseTM for real-time, high-throughput, low-latency
data processing and analytics applications.

An abstraction over Apache Hadoop® YARN written and sponsored by Continuuity that reduces the complexity of developing distributed applications.