Streamy Lite

Streamy Lite is a personalized content aggregation and recommendation system. It personalizes content at different levels: from most popular articles (based on user activity) to deeply personalized (based on your own activity on Streamy Lite). Streamy Lite is powered by the Continuuity Reactor.

On the Web:


Streamy Lite consists of four Reactor Apps.

Crawler App

The Crawler App is an RSS feed scheduler and parser. It keeps track of the feeds that need to be refreshed via the BigFlow capability "Tick" and do periodic checks. Feeds can be scheduled with various update frequencies and can be managed from within the Crawler App.


The CMS App is a simple content management system for the news items ingested by the Crawler App. The enrichment pipeline is easily extendable. Currently, it supports Lucene-based standard analysis, sentiment analysis, and named entity recognition.

Personalization App

The Personalization App provides per-user personalized streams of stories based on both all actions taken throughout the site and actions of the individual user.

Insights App

The Insights App provides real-time analytics. It uses the Continuuity Cube Dataset to compute real-time OLAP aggregations on multiple user and content dimensions.