Put Continuuity Reactor™ to work for your business.

  • Standardize development.

    Create a standardized development framework for building, testing and operating Big Data apps. Easily transfer data between different Big Data applications.

  • Accelerate time-to-market.

    Empower your Java developers to build Big Data apps rapidly with abstracted APIs and familiar development environments. Save time on transferring data into our platform and get insights instantly with powerful applications.

  • Reduce costs.

    No need to hire expensive Hadoop developers, use your existing Java developers to build Big Data apps. Save costs on developer operations and worry less about underlying infrastructure.

Quotes Reactor in Action: Lotame

"I wanted to experiment with Continuuity Reactor by rebuilding an old Lotame app that had taken a full month to develop on MapReduce. By the time I landed, from the East Coast to the West Coast, I pretty much had the app re-implemented." - Jeremy Pinkham, CTO, Lotame