Put Continuuity Reactor™ to work for your business.




Case 1: Provide customers with personalized experiences.

Continuuity Reactor allows you to rapidly create targeting and user profile applications to drive website engagement and revenue. Whether you are looking to provide recommendations on a realtime basis from predictive analytics for cross-promotion or deliver highly targeted ads for contextual experiences and ad forecasting applications or create a large scale click stream analysis to drive customer account expansion, Continuuity's pre-build Datasets and SDK allow you to get to business value faster.

Case 2: Analyze and act on real-time streams of data.

Detect patterns and act on trends and anomalies over large streams of social, user-generated and machine-generated data. Accelerate your financial fraud detection capabilities to be able to react and protect your assets. Develop advanced click fraud monitoring to ensure the right people are getting accurate transaction data. Now that you have identified your sea of disparate sensor data, you can use Continuuity Reactor to easily synthesize it in real-time to make swift business decisions.

Case 3: Continuously answer known questions.

Hadoop is already great for performing large-scale, ad-hoc, exploratory analysis of Big Data; asking new questions of old data. However, once the right questions have been asked you may want to continuously know the answer as things happen; ask old questions of new data. The Continuuity Reactor enables this use case through BigFlow, a real-time streaming analytics engine, and Apache HBase for real-time persistence and serving.

Improve your customers experiences.

  • Microsegmentation and microtargeting
  • Engagement optimization
  • Personalization
  • 360 degree view of the customer
  • Sentiment analysis

Run your business more efficiently.

  • Log Analysis
  • Sensor Processing
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Energy optimization
  • Fleet management optimization